About Us

Power Info is a professional smart technology print service provider committed to providing high-quality printing products and services. With over 20 years of expertise in offset and digital printing capabilities, along with extensive experience in lettershop services, we guarantee reliable service for our customers.
Here’s an overview of our offerings:

Design and Printing: We offer customized form design and printing services, including smart cards, business forms, reports, promotional flyers, and more. Whatever your printing needs, we can create tailored solutions.

Smart Card Products and Card System Products: Our range includes various smart cards such as access cards, membership cards, student IDs, and employee badges. Additionally, we provide related card system products to help you manage and utilize these cards effectively.

Data Printing and Lettershop Service: Our data printing service covers personalized mailings and envelope printing. Whether you require bulk envelope mailings or personalized letters, we can meet your needs.

Packaging Products and Recycle Bag Printing: We offer a variety of packaging products, including cartons, paper bags, and plastic bags. Additionally, we can print eco-friendly recycle bags to support your sustainability goals.

Hangtags, Barcode Labels, RFID Labels, Paper Rolls, and Tickets: Our production includes hangtags, barcode labels, RFID labels, paper rolls, and event tickets. Whether you need product labels or event admission tickets, we deliver high-quality prints. Our goal is to provide excellent printing solutions and collaborate with you to achieve success!